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CMO consultants are multi-lingual and speak the dialects of all CEMAC regions including those of Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea. With CMO you can avoid the human, cultural and linguistic barriers that have often prevented better business understanding and relations with CEMAC countries.

CMO also have European language and business expertise English, German, French and Moderate Italian, meaning that we can assist in complex multi-nation projects and the relations necessary to make those a success.


Travel Planning

CMO can make arrangements and help you to plan ahead to make the most of your business trips.

We can help you to find accommodation, transfers, flights and transport in-country. We help you to meet with your potential and present customers, prepare your meetings, and make the most of your trip. CMO can help support you to make a success of your business travels.



CMO have extensive experience in all areas of making conferences for the promotion of business opportunities in Central Africa.

We offer a range of solutions, and hold a wide network to help facilitate and build conferences to fit your requirements. These are largely held in the UK but can also be based abroad. We can also support wider-focus conferences which desire a particular input on Central African business.


Life and business strategy

At CMO LONDON, we help people and businesses to grow and blossom. We provide strategic advice for them to meet with their ambitions. With individuals we help shine light on key areas: career pathways, decision-making, motivation, self-confidence, and personal growth. In business and individuals we help to frame and verbalize aims, visions and dreams and find ways to make them a reality.


Business Facilitation

Through years of experience in the field, CMO London has understood that in order to build stable business between Central African and European countries a wide-range of support is often necessary.

We offer business facilitation services which include: Company set up services; both in UK and in CEMAC countries, Branch office services, Liaison office, Project office in CEMAC region, Office space, Delegation organization, Promotional events, Fixing appointments, Arranging interpreters, Logistics and more.


Intermediary Contact

CMO help to grow networks, foster relations and help businesses to find and mediate relations and partnerships. Contact between your company and your perfect business partner can be facilitated from idea to first meeting, to closing a successful and mutually beneficial partnership.