With CMO you will avoid the human or linguistic barriers that you might otherwise encounter.

CMO consultants are multi-lingual and can even speak the dialect of all CEMAC regions. 


Travel Planning

Plan ahead to make the most of your business trip. From selecting your accommodation to meeting with potential and present customers.

Prepare your meetings.



With previous experience in the promotion of business opportunities in Central Africa we offer appropriate solutions to suit your conferences requirements.


Life Strategy

At CMO LONDON, we have an immense desire and an amazing ability to help others grow and blossom in their life.  We provide the highest-quality of advice to direct people to follow their ambitions. Focus Areas: Career, Decision, Motivation, Self-confidence and Personal growth.

How?...  We verbalize  your dreams and find ways how YOU can make them a reality.


Business Facilitation

Our Business Facilitation services includes: Set up company, branch office, liaison office, project office in Cemac region, Office space, Delegation organisation, Promotional Events, Fixing an appointment, Arranging an interpreter, Logistic Arrangement.


Intermediary Contact

Contact between your company and your perfect business partner will be facilitiated from the idea, to the first meeting, to closing a successfully and mutually beneficial partnership.